Robert Anthony was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1986.  He has lived in Los Angeles, CA and is currently residing in Kansas City, MO.  Robert Anthony left a 10 year career in corporate marketing to pursue his passion for Ceramics, Photography, and Design Technology. He is currently studying at the Carter Arts Center at MCC-Penn Valley.

Robert Anthony considers himself a romanticist in the digital age striving to combine classical art forms with new technology. Robert Anthony's ceramics work has been published by CFileZhen Porcelain and reviewed by Garth Clark. He is an award winner from the Carter Arts Gallery at Penn Valley Community College student art show. Robert Anthony is working on his portfolio to apply to a BFA program in Ceramics and Photography

Artist Statement 

My work is a conversation with duality,  good v. evil and light v. dark, and my struggle to find balance. It is inspired by romanticism. Each piece draws from my intense emotions of sadness, bliss, isolation, and desire in an attempt to connect with a world in which I see myself as a distant observer. 

In Photography, Ceramics, and Digital Media my work explores technology to create interactive pieces that immerse themselves into environments, creating engaging experiences. Digital technology can enhance the craftsmanship of classical art forms without replacing it; have both definitive elegance and strengths.  My work combines  classical art forms with new technology producing a unique experience.